Posted by: Isidro | January 6, 2010


please read the about section…

and here’s some info about me:
I’m Isidro, currently a college student studying Mechanical Engineering, I drive a ’94 Honda Accord EX 5-speed, I like all types of cars and motorsports but I LOVE Drifting. I don’t “drift” my FWD car, I only use it for daily driving. My father bought the car for $500 from a friend in February 2008, and gave it to me as a high school graduation gift. As of today, the car has around 204,000 miles on it and has never given me any major problems; starts up every day with the same strength and has never left me stranded. I can’t get something else to drive because I can’t afford it, and don’t have space. That is why I’m studying Engineering; so that I can someday afford any car I want and afford to drift more frequently than most people in this area.



  1. Nothing beats a Honda as a daily.

    Cool blog btw

    • Thanks mauro, your blog will always be better lol

  2. Nice blog so far. I like the 4dr coverage.

    • Thanks Slappy!

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