Posted by: Isidro | January 20, 2010

More From Gaku2: Grip & Gymkhana

This photographer’s skills make every car he photographs cool. The first time I posted pictures from his gallery was just a few drift pictures. Here we have pictures from grip and gymkhana events. Its not that I like EVERY picture or car in the galleries, but I like how the photos look.

If you don’t know, that is a Nissan Cedric/Gloria Y33 (or Y32, I’m not sure).

The car isn’t what you’d call pretty but it makes a nice VIP style car, after applying mental photoshop.

It doesn’t always have to be about sedans. Nice, simple, clean, and stock? Those are the words that come to mind when I look at this car.

A 4-door R33 in a grip race. These things are ugly, but with some plastic surgery they’ll look more attractive. Just like other things.


X110 Toyota Mark II.

The Toyota X-Chassis is a popular platform in drift, grip, vip, daily drive machine, drag, wangan, show car, and dream mobile.

Classic rivals. Civics are actually fast, believe it or not (obviously depending on the driver’s skills as well). The reason why they are so frowned upon here in the USA is because most people who own civics are into drag racing, instead of grip racing. Also they don’t modify them the way that most “real” JDM enthusiasts prefer. There are many many more reasons too, but lets save that for later. The point is: Civics are good grip cars. If people consider AE86s as fast cars, they should consider Civics as fast cars too (not stock ones though!) because Civics and AE86s are basically on the same level.

Last is a Peugeot wagon. Rare sight.



  1. WTF? Peugeot 405? lol

  2. its a y33

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