Posted by: Isidro | January 23, 2010

1st Betta Post

Part of this blog’s title has something I haven’t posted about: bettas. If you’ve read the WTF Is A Betta? page, you already have an idea of what these things are. If this is totally new to you, I suggest looking into buying one from a local pet store (sold around the world, except maybe Antarctica and other frozen places). You’ll like them, unless they get sick. Then you’ll be worried/sad and would be searching on Betta forums for disease cures.

I’ve gathered some betta pictures from flickr and a google search. There are a lot of pictures (I think its a lot) to make up for my lack of betta posts.

Salmon Pink Halfmoon Plakat (male)

Black and White Halfmoon (or Delta tail?) male

Young female (plakat or veiltail) next to a full grown normal Veiltail male

Seems like a full grown Veiltail female

I think this one is a male Plakat

Metal Grey Dragon Halfmoon Plakat male

Beautiful Pink Plakat male

Bright Blue & Black Plakat male

Young Giant Plakat male (cool green too!)

Traditional Red Dragon Plakat male


Black & Silver Dragon Halfmoon Plakat male

Full Mask Red Dragon Halfmoon Plakat male

Weird black outlined Plakat male

Super Bright Red Halfmoon Plakat male

Weird Metallic Halfmoon Plakat male

I’ll make a better post later next week, including some examples of certain tail types.



  1. Some nice looking fishes. Interesting stuff. I like your blog name its unique. I like that black and white halfmoon reminds me of high maintenance girls. Are you from the States by the way?

    • lol high maintenance girls?
      thanks for the compliments, and yea im in Massachusetts

  2. Yea I know I get so random like that. Np man just keep on blogging. Thats cool what part of Massachusetts? I was there in the summer with my friend for aero paint installation in West Minster(Wrong Spelling I believe).

    • …Essex county or Middlesex.. the city is almost at the border between the two counties, and some maps label it differently >.<

  3. Our first Betta lived almost twice as long as the average lifespan. The the other two we have had since then died within a few months. 😦

    • really? thats cool. one of the first bettas i had in this country lived almost 5 years with us.
      too bad about your other 2 😦
      most bettas get sick easily but there are some that you can keep in anything and they’ll endure it like eating cake.

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