Posted by: Isidro | January 23, 2010

VIP taste

VIP style is something that I’ve always admired. Maybe its because I plan on being a big boss of some business, or maybe its just because I like good looking low cars with expensive stuff on them. I came across a website called Geibunsha and found these high quality pictures.

First is a picture of a Toyota Crown in a bamboo forest. Damn.

Nissan Cima F50. This would make a nice October calendar (Halloween theme).

Nissan Gloria Y32 on Leon Hardiritt wheels (thanks to bippu4life for clarification)

Another unidentifiable foreign object. Too crazy.

If the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street was a pimp, he’d roll in this.

Last is a picture of Mitsuru Haruguchi’s new Aristo. He always reaches a new level of the ball game.



  1. The car on the 3rd pic is Nissan Gloria Y32 on nice set of Leon Hardiritt wheels

    Awesome pics, thanks!

    • thank you!

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