Posted by: Isidro | February 1, 2010

I’m Back: video post

Here’s a little something that definitely made me feel better after the week I had. Some of the drivers felt like they owned the track and decided that it was time for the blue barriers to kiss their cars’ rears.

Sorry for the delay.

I suppose you viewers are wondering why I broke my promise about posting my next article in the past few days. Its because I was dragged to a cousin’s birthday party and was overloaded with homework and errands. I’d go into details but I don’t feel like it right now. Also, if you’re interested, my first week of school was just fine. As expected I was given lots of homework and felt the need to catch up with friends who I didn’t see during the winter break. The best part is that I got 14 out of 20 points on my first Physics exam, and 12 out of 17 points on my first Calculus quiz. Those are both 70% out of 100%. Its not the best, but definitely not the worst; there were many students in both classes who scored below me… way below, and not many scored above me. With this motivational feeling I enter this week. More work and more stuff to do. Posting will not slow down (unless I have to do something very very important).



  1. Hey man, no worried, no stress. Post up when you have time. Life comes 1st.

    • yea, you’re right

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