Posted by: Isidro | February 7, 2010

Lovestruck: RWD EG6

Despite my incurable addiction to RWD sedans, I like all types of cars. This includes the frowned-upon Hondas. If I had enough money I’d have a Civic or Integra for grip racing (and obviously 1 or 2 drift cars). On Friday, during one of my online homework sessions, I found this video of a F20c-powered EG6. I didn’t get to post it because I was only taking a break from Calculus. But here it is.

I think it looks wonderful as it smoothly transitions between corners and then slides by the camera position. Some company should look into designing RWD conversion kits for FF cars, including EGs. It might seem like a waste of time & money to most people, but to me its just something cool to have.



  1. Greetings and thanks for finding this video. I was in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles last week and I saw a magazine article about this car. I can’t read Japanese and was wondering if you knew anything else about this car. Thanks!

    • I don’t have any information on it. Can you scan the magazine article you read about that car? Maybe some of the readers of this blog will be able to translate it.

  2. Funny you asked me to scan it, I actually went back to Little Tokyo to pick it up, when I was there the first time I didn’t buy it. I don’t have a scanner, but I’ll be asking my sister or my girlfriend to scan it for me so I can send it to you. It’s a 2 page article from the January issue of Drift Tengoku Magazine. It was the last copy, so I’m glad I grabbed it this time around. I should have it scanned and sent to you in a few days, tops. Thanks for the quick response.

    • wow thats cool. if you had gone back to the store a few minutes later it might have not been there lol. I’ll be waiting for it.
      and I responded quickly because I happened to be on my computer at that time. Im usually just doing homework or something.

    • btw somebody found this picture of it

      i asked the person if he has more but hasnt replied 😦

  3. I don’t know if you caught this already, but there’s a back view of the hatch. I typed in the url because it looks to be pics saved on a blog similar to yours.

    I’m sorry but I couldn’t get the magazine scanned today, I’ll have it soon.

  4. While I’m up, I was wondering if you could give me your e-mail address or maybe have you e-mail me so I know where to send the scans to.

    • thanks i didnt think of doing that (url thing)
      guess its just 1 more peek at that little wonder lol

      ill email you

      • Hey Isidro, I’m uploaded the scans, I’m sorry I was delayed in sending them to you. Hit me back up.

  5. whoops, packed that last one with typos, u know what i mean, the scans are in your inbox. =D

  6. […] Here are some pictures of the RWD EG6 […]

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