Posted by: Isidro | February 15, 2010

Things Change: JZX90

I found this video of a BN-kitted Mark II that looks remarkably similar to this one.

The front wheels have been moved to the rear, front lip removed, and stickers added. In the car’s reflection you can notice that the tall bushes/small trees from the picture in the post have been cut (which makes me think if its really that car or not). I mean, how many X90 Mark IIs are sporting the same kit, wheels, paint combo in a neighborhood like that one? Probably a lot lol… but I’m not in Japan, I wouldn’t know about that for sure.

Video was uploaded on January 2nd, but I don’t remember when the picture was taken or what website I found it on.

No burnouts or drifts or any action at all above the speed limit for wheel chairs.


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