Posted by: Isidro | February 19, 2010

Aristo Fever

Today on my way back from school I saw a pair of gorgeous breasts… i mean, 2 very clean and low Lexus GS300s. One was black, lowered on stock wheels, and the other was silver, lowered on 5-spoke silver wheels (didn’t know what they were). They were at a CVS Pharmacy parking lot and I saw them as I drove by. I didn’t take a picture because I don’t carry my POS digital camera with me. Recently there was a snowfall here in Massachusetts and the streets were salted more than french fries from Burger King. While 99% of the cars on the streets are dirty, these two GS300s still sparkled and shined. This turned me on.

When I got home all I could think of was what I’d do to a GS300 if I ever owned one. To relieve my arousal, I searched for GS300/Aristo pictures like a porn addict.

So here they are.. lots of them.



  1. Love those Scara’s.

  2. Saved most of those…Thanks!

    • no problem! i always try to get the highest resolution pictures so you guys can download them

  3. I love Aristos being modified the non VIP route. I always seen it as challenge in making them modified machines for drifiting or any other form of motorsports. Thats where the fun begins. I’m digging the Red Aristo with the T337s from Wrecked Magazine.

    • yea its not common or easy to modify one correctly as non-vip. That red one is/was the Powervehicles aristo.

  4. I have been in love with these cars for a very long time, but have just not been ready to take one on. Theres just too much that would need to be done for it to be up to par for what i would want to do with it. For now i’m gonna stay with my (SR20DET CRESSIDA). Maybe somewhere down the road I will get one but its doubtfull.

    • im still waiting for all the videos and pictures of the final product (when its finished) so that I can write a car feature on it. I might actually just wait until Spring Break so that I can go up there and see it in person and other stuff..

  5. Everyone around has heard me at least once say that I want a 2nd Gen Aristo. If I lived down south where you don’t get snow. I’d def. try to rock a GS300 as a daily

    • theyr just awesome
      i’d want 2.. one for daily use and another for drift use
      wish i was rich 😦

  6. I had one on my garage 2-3 weeks ago in a king of gold-beige-champagne colour. So nice car…!!!

    • you should have taken a picture!

  7. sexy as, i would love one for a towcar

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