Posted by: Isidro | February 25, 2010

Astronauts: Moon Walkers

reverse entries and high revving engines make for a good video during this ugly weather (Massachusetts is getting hammered with rain and light snow and ice, its just horrible).

just watch, and listen, and watch, and then listen to your jaw hit your keyboard a few times …then watch the video again



  1. Cool Video.

    Yea, we are getting hit pretty hard with rain and suppose to snow tomorrow…er today too

    Weather is sucking on the NE

    • yes, and its only getting worse
      some hail was falling on my way to school this morning… that was unexpected lol


    • haha

  3. Siempre alucinantes tus videos!!!

    • gracias primo

  4. Holy crap this video hurt my eyes. But cool none the less. Haha.

    • thanks for checking out my blog teddy!

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