Posted by: Isidro | March 2, 2010

Betta Tail Types: Plakat

As you know I love bettas and its been a while since my last betta post, so I had to post more. Since most of you don’t know much about them or anything at all, I’ll give you a brief description of the different tail types on domestic bettas one post at a time. This one is for Plakats or “round tail bettas” as they’re called in some pet stores. The Plakat bettas are those with short round fins. In some countries these are bred to be “fighter type” because they are the closest to wild bettas, genetically. Betta fighting is a big thing in southeast Asia and some cities of the Dominican Republic, among other countries. I’m against betta fighting though. I prefer to just have them as pets and not as money channels. Take a look at some nice Plakats I found on a few websites…

Looks like one of those 7-foot deep sea fish waiting to snatch something that swims by.

I’ve always wanted a betta with a white outline like this one, but they’re expensive.

This seems to be a “fighter type” plakat. Notice the huge muscles on its back.

Mustard gas color.

This platinum female seems pissed off.

Sweet young chili red male.

This blue one looks similar to my male. I’ll post pictures of him on another post.

Digging this turquoise.

I’ve always liked the way some bettas change colors depending on the angle of light reaching them.

Gold dragon plakat. Super rare.

I’ve never seen this color mix. Platinum green with bits of pink, blue, grey, and yellow. Wow



  1. fighter and the blue one’s are cool looking

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