Posted by: Isidro | March 7, 2010

Sensual Sequence: Street Intercourse

Following the post about Hirota’s new GS350… another Lexus GS!

Maybe you aren’t as crazy about 4-doors as I am, but you’ve got to enjoy the sight of something like this drifting in public. It ignites my flames πŸ˜‰

I found these pictures a few months ago on someone’s Minkara blog and found them again in my hard drive today.

the car doesn’t look all that awesome in this picture…

or in this one…

the picture itself is nice, the car looks better now that you can’t see the wheels…

pictures in urban areas will keep your interest for at least 10 seconds…

better wheels, new point of view and night/lights make everything more interesting…

then you see it ripping through public streets like a rapist walking around in a playground full of 3rd graders…

and it ends with the white stuff (this set of photos)

no homo

I wish I found more pictures of that car drifting…



  1. rock hard, even harder street drifting in the day woohoo!

  2. Very nice man. You finally got into it and have done a very good job with your website. Keep it up.

    • thanks
      i wouldn’t say its a good blog… but its the best I can do without a car of my own to post about 😦
      and don’t forget about school πŸ˜‰

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