Posted by: Isidro | March 9, 2010

Want: A JZX90 Mark II


some come true eventually and some don’t.

Of those that come true some aren’t predictions,

they’re only the visualization of a plan’s results.

School leads to owning/driving/drifting a JZX someday…


some pictures of JZX90 Mark IIs:

if only the rear window tint wasn’t that weird color.. then it would look better IMO

ehh… looks cool

especially when its burning through the woods!

i like the wheels on this one

red JZX90s usually make you fall in love with them

and when they drift… its just beauty in motion

found on these Minkara blogs 1 2



  1. You have great taste sir.

    • thank you

  2. i hope you get one, are there many in the states?

    • haha! just 2 and 1 shell (that I know of) and 1 jzx100 chaser… they can’t be legally imported like R33s but some businesses have imported them legally, in parts, and they can only be used on the track.

  3. man that sux, come live in nz there is a few around, mostly non turbo auto 😦

    • lol i would but i can’t… not enough money for that
      i know ill own 1 or 2 JZXs here in the USA after i graduate college.. and ill make some trips to NZ too, to check out the drift scene and interesting mountains/forests

  4. yeah bro all good, im gonna start making some new vids soon

  5. some chasers on the nz auctions

    • this makes me want to move to NZ!

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