Posted by: Isidro | March 20, 2010

Rated X: さ~たん’s JZX100 Cresta

I’m a huge fan of this cresta and recently re-found the owner’s blog. The owner’s name, or his Minkara username, is さ~たん (translated to A-tan by Google Translate) and is from the Saitima prefecture (so many awesome cars from that region!). Since I have a minor 4-door fetish (not really), I had to flash through all the pictures on that guy’s blog and post some here. I stole pictures and info from his blog and this article with stolen pictures as well (that article says he used to own a S15, but his blog shows that he still has one 😛 ).

Its black now (or he bought another one?).

I can’t describe it… saying its hot would be insulting, and saying its epic would be plain disrespectful… you think of something.

It used to be this color (Lexus paint).

“…whiter than whats filling down your throat” -Pharell (forgot what song… i think Snoop Dog’s Drop It Like Its Hot).

I bet this car can make jaws drop lower than its lip; giving you ants for breakfast  ;).

It does the popular crab-walk too.

The reason why this post is rated X and not just M or R: this is the only action (porn?) picture I found.

BN Sports sideskirts & rear bumper. Vertex front lip.

Boss? Yes! The best way to cruise around town in this car would be with a few motorcycles up front clearing the path, and a few at back making sure everything is safe; like a celebrity or president.

“…I don’t need security, I need fan patrol” -Lil Wayne (Brand New Money feat. Lil Twist).

The owner bought this Cresta because of the orgasmic 1JZ roar.

I think the fender LEDs are cool.

“…you don’t need to know your alphabet to recognize a G” -Mac Maine (Riding With The AK feat. Lil Wayne & Currency).

The interior has almost everything you’d want in a 4-door daily driven and sometimes drifted car.

Bright lights. The best thing is that it doesn’t unintentionally look like a rally car.

Nice exhaust too.

Can this be more beautiful? Maybe, but not by much!

Here we go.

Is her a farmer? Cool! Its always good to grow your own food, almost like bringing your own beer to car meets (btw I don’t drink).

The game isn’t Star Wars, its Car Wars; hes on the Pimp Side, not the Dark Side.


One of the associates.

His goons looking tough.

Snapshot, but you can’t wrestle it like an alligator (alligators snap… snapshot.. get it?.. got it?.. good!.. no?.. try again lol). Maybe I should have said something else 😦

Interesting lineup. Looks like a JZX100 Chaser at the far end completing the array.

Rear end looks good even though the sunlight makes the rear window seem very flat.

“Posting up”.

Vigilant gangsters…

I’ve seen millions of people driving like this but none of them own a car cool enough to pull it off. This guy does. Much respect.

Enter S15

Cool photograph.

It has curtains too! This guy is good.

I changed my header too, in case you haven’t noticed



  1. Awesome cars for sure

    • affirmative

  2. jzx mafia,mean…

    • keeping the neighborhood protected and in order 😉

  3. Holy sh.t, a Lil Wayne CD in the player is enough to cover the absence of 2nd JayZ in the enginebay.. Sick car! I wouldnt put this car on track either, enough with a few city slides, this car is straight G 🙂

    • lol good way to incorporate music into this

  4. if youre interested, nice video with some cressidas crabbing:

    • yeah i saw that. those are the SerialNine cressidas. pretty damn sik.

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