Posted by: Isidro | March 30, 2010

Wonderful Juices: Leaking JZX Photos

School has been keeping me super busy lately. Now I know what its like to fight crime and save lives on a daily basis; superheroes live super busy lives. Even though the 2nd day of school this week is over, I still have a huge pile of exams, quizzes, lab reports and homework to deal with. Posting will be delayed.

Anyway, I found a goldmine of JDM 4-door Toyota pictures, which I’ll share later. For now please enjoy these three diverse pictures which represent what you’ll see in the posts to be published in the near future (maybe Saturday). You’ve probably already seen the first picture somewhere else… well, look at it again!

The posts will contain anything from…

stylish and sexy show-offs…

to lightly-modified grocery-getters…

and anything in between.

So come back later.

btw I think Spiderman’s job is underrated. He, and all comic book heroes, deserve higher recognition… if there is anything above being a hero.



  1. that blue one in the first pic is one of the best i have seen yet, fukn sexy as!!!!!! love it

    • isnt it just awesome?! my eyes burn because i stare at it for too long

  2. sure is, might be time for a trade in lol

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