Posted by: Isidro | April 4, 2010

Four Doors and JZs Part 1: Show-offs

On my last post I said that I found a ton of 4-door pictures and would show you some of them later. After opening up that treasure chest like a hobo searching for food,  It took me a while to wrangle up some of these large beasts because I wasn’t sure how to organize the pictures. Then I just gave up and decided to post them in 3 or 4 categories like if I was hunting for speed. The categories I have in mind are Show, Nocturnal Shots, and MarkII Life (daily driving & such). There will be a 4th category if I see something else to post about. I don’t want to give anything away too soon because that will make my posts more boring than they already are, so I’ll give you the link to the albums at the end of the series.. unless you find them first.

btw there aren’t any drift pictures 😦

These are the pictures I found interesting from the show/meet albums.

–the pictures are unorganized and there are lots of them–

^that 2nd Mark II looks nice

The black x81 Mark II is probably the only x8 you’ll see in the post series…

and you’ll definitely see this Chaser threesome often.

The blue one is usually on that side of the lineup.

Clear tails ruin it for me.

A brown Chaser joins the gangbang.

“Hey, lets go to the meet up the mountain. Theres gonna be a ton of boats.” The trucker in the background probably misunderstood the invitation, but it fits in anyway.

I need to go to one of these meets.

Ms. Sunshine doesn’t look too bad.


Thats an odd front bumper. Its probably a tracked car.

A 2nd blue chaser, not The sexy one. R34 wheels too.

Here it is

A genuine “thats what she said” shift knob.

Brownie looking good.

I think thats Hirota’s GS350 before it was painted. Its past was so beautiful!

Ueno’s personal JZX100 Mark II.

I’m not sure if Ueno owns this Aristo too.

Rear shot of the Mark II.

The D1 Soarer *bow down*

The person who took these pictures didn’t get any action shots form the awesome 4-door drifting going on behind these cars… who would do such a thing?!

Porn, in a way.

Matching red mechanic suit and seats.

The blue thing again, and a sniper in plain sight.

I fucking want it!

nice chaser

Regular customers.

There isn’t a wide range of things to do to a JZX110, but they look good even with a simple lip kit and weird wheels.

Must reach for the ground.

This one too.

This picture was in the previous post. The car is …ugly.

The rear isn’t any better.

An older picture of the car, with worse wheels.

I decided to post this car to sort of even out the coolness found in this post and to have a reminder of what not to do.

*puke* Yellow stripes.

Good thing we can always crop a picture.

I love this 2-tone scheme, and the car’s height isn’t bad either. All it needs is a nice and expensive lip kit or body kit. The wheels can stay on until enough money is saved for better ones.


This picture actually makes me feel a bit calm.

Japanese people always pay attention to detail…

even a simple way of parking cars looks artistic.

Verossa, Mark II, Mark X, Mark II

R34 wheels don’t look out of place on these cars.

The chrome trimming would normally make a car look horrible, but it works on this one.

I want to know what the people were looking at!

I wonder when I’ll finally see something like this.

So it has a number. I wonder if it drifted at that event.

I love this picture. All the vegetation and foggy hills remind me of my home region in the Dominican Republic.

Before Mr. Blue had eyelids and a new hood.


110 Mark II… looks good with a lip kit.

This one looks better though.

This Verossa isn’t too rough on the eyes. Its tough to make one look good anyway.

Mark X

I like eyelids on Mark IIs.

This one needs some.

Nice paint here.

I think that the wheels can be changed, but kept the same color. It would work well with the hood.

Brownie again…

and one…


three super blue cars!

Hey look, its a C35 Laurel.

Such a nice and calm area. Perfect for small friendly meets.

I wonder why I never get tired of x-chassis in this super common style.

Aristo Mark X

The black one needs a lip.

I actually like this aero a lot. The car just needs to be lower and have better wheels, as always.

The next part of the series will be more about this car (it belongs to the guy who refuses to take drifting pictures at 1JZ drift meets).



  1. wow! great find….lots of cool looking x chassis’s

    • thanks! I’ll post more in the next few days

  2. OMFG!! Jealousy is melting my brain right now.. Dont post any more of this stuff for a week, let the blood pressure settle down..

    • haha just check back when ur better
      it took me a while to calm down too

  3. i wanna make sweet love with that blue jzx100 chaser lol, sooooo sexy!

    • u definitely need to get one
      since u have so many cars, sell a few of them and buy a jzx100!

  4. i will only sell 2 of my 6 haha

    • as long as its enough to get you a jzx, do it!
      try to get a jzx110.. then just keep going down one generation if u cant afford it

  5. jzx100 is far better looking the 110, but a 100 turbo manual version in nz is $15,000-20,000 nzd

  6. like this jzx110

  7. or a jzx100 mark2

    • well i like them all… so.. its up to u to decide which to buy 😉

  8. I’m in sedan heaven right now. This is why I love sedans with rear wheel drive more than any other platform. Best part is Toyotas!!!! 🙂

    • YES
      although i really really like all types of cars, RWD 4-doors are always at the top of my list… especially the toyotas, with the JZ lullabies.

  9. You got that right!!

  10. incredible post,took me a while to adjust my eyes staring at my monitor and scrolling up and down and loving these jzx100.

    nice post Isidro and great find.

    • thanks! staring at those pictures gets addicting.

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