Posted by: Isidro | April 9, 2010

Four Doors and JZs Part 2: The Mark II

The protagonist of this 2nd post is the white JZX100 Mark II which belongs to the guy who doesn’t like taking pictures of drift action during 1J drift meets. Its not as awesome as the pictures you saw on the first post, but its not horrible.

I chose to write a post about this specific car because it belongs to the owner of the blog (repetition?). That means that he takes pictures of it almost everywhere… and that means I can get a faint idea of what it would be like to own a car like that.

These two are inseparable. BFFs.

The racing seats are a soothing addition to the car’s looks.

There’s that blue Chaser again. Expect a post about it next week.

The bottom edges of the rear bumpers align.

I wonder what would happen if I parked a car like that infront of a local supermarket.

Who wouldn’t like seeing this in their garage every morning?

Skyline’s exhaust = unfit

I’d like to drive down a highway and see a Crown wagon someday.

Since the two people are looking in the direction of the car, I can assume they’d be looking at the car (if it was mine).

Re-posted picture. A DVD player is one of those must-have items in a JZX100.

I’d take the car to race tracks too. Here it is at Fuji Speedway.

Chasing Chasers down the Fuji entrance…

..and on the freeway. A JZX100 would make a good Wangan race machine too.

Most of the time I’d just go places with friends and relax.

This is a nice photo even though the car is too dark.

A JZX100 would stand out from the rest of the pack at any parking lot.

Spot it here.

Taking pictures of the car on mountain roads would be supplementary to driving/drifting on that mountain road.

Unfortunately there weren’t any drift pictures to be found.

Reminds me of the short months I lived in Florida.

I told you they’re inseparable!

Carwash. I know some girls who shower together too.

I’d drive it all day and night. I would LOVE to see this in a movie, like Initial D.

Making sure your friend is there.

Driving through roads like this would be part of my daily routine.

But I probably won’t have anybody to take pictures for me.

The car would also be taken to small meets and parked next to other hot cars.

Of course I would have a girl or two with me at all times.

Or 6 of them.

Programmed LED taillights are also on the Must Have list (not sure if this is the same Mark II though).

The JZX100 would be a regular customer at local gas station raids. Nice R34 Stagea.

This little event looks like fun. Hanging out with friends at a local gas station, showing off your car to any passerby, and having easy access to snacks/food/drinks/gasoline/restrooms. Too bad the cops here in the USA are always in a bitch fit. They’d kick everyone out of the spot and arrest a few.

Wish I saw what was under that Stagea’s hood…

..because it looks nice!!

The R34 Stagea again.

Just another reason to want to move to Japan.

Back to the Mark II.

It looks good almost anywhere.

Even next to very old wood.

Head turner at these alleys.

The car definitely would be lower if it was mine.

Random turtle to end the post.

The next post will be all about night shots. Again, not as interesting as the first post.. but not everything has to be totally awesome. Then the world would be boring.



  1. To much sexxxy

    • and you spelled it correctly!

  2. Yes!… those are some nice shots, something you don’t see often on the web. I can just hear the x-chassis spooling away down the Fuji entrance and in the tunnel picture. Awesome.

  3. its really pushing the will to move to jpn.. let the bass kick!
    thanks, you made my day again!
    the chaser with white rims (playing second part role in this story) looks the best of all. considering sports rims and gauges on the dash it is probably pushed harder as well..

    • yea it definitely gets pushed harder because the owner of the MarkII doesn’t seem to be into motorsports (no racing pictures in his albums).

  4. Ultimate 4door? Car fits in anywhere! I’m being converted.

  5. I too would love to move to Japan. The Jzx100’s are just beautiful. I too like the skyline wagon. Very rare

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