Posted by: Isidro | April 10, 2010

Four Doors and JZs Part 3: While We’re Awake

As advertised, this post is about the nocturnal shots I found on the albums… and as promised, here’s the link to all 69 albums and the link to the minkara blog.

Gangster Gathering

Its actually pretty Fast and Furious style.

All they need are colorful exhaust flames…

underglow lighting…

and a girl between the cars, to start the race.

“NNNNOOOOOOOO!! Monicaaaa!!

Enough film recalls. This is one sweet lineup.

At a touge drift session, im guessing.

But no drifting!! WTF was wrong with this guy? I know that not everybody has to be into drifting, but atleast throw it sideways once or twice to relieve some stress!

Wonderful siblings.

Another tunnel shot.



That yellow Chaser from the other posts, and this post.

More from that gas station meet.

This is the only picture from all 69 albums which contains drift action.

This would have been part of an interesting video.

I like how Japanese streets have Christmas lights on their trees during all seasons.

Beautiful rear end.

The R34 Stagea has nice corner lights.

Damn how I wish I owned this car!

‘Til next time.



  1. dreamworld..

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