Posted by: Isidro | April 11, 2010

Pimpivity: Saito’s Ride

You’ve seen it everywhere. One of Daigo Saito’s street cars. Engine lingering around the 1000hp line. Full interior. High level of pimpivity.



  1. This.

  2. full interior 🙂

    • roll cage included

  3. white barrels, my favorite!

    • do you have a personal blog? I have Mike’s and Brice’s blogs on my blogroll, but i don’t have yours or Grant’s or Luis’s (tryin to get the whole E7 Club lol)

      • well at first the e7 blog was my personal site, and then i invited everyone on haha. but besides that i’ve got nothing. but i’m the main blogger on the site so yeah.

        • oh i get it now. cool

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