Posted by: Isidro | April 16, 2010

Video: Rain Drift…

Its raining here… and it will be for a few days. So watch some cars drifting in the rain.

Its nothing spectacular, just a bunch of AE86s, 1 S14 and 1 S13 and some white old 4-door I can’t identify at the moment.



  1. Me encantan estos videos que encuentras!

    • gracias
      es todo parte de mi dedicacion al deporte y carros, aunque todavia no puedo hacer nada en realidad (estoy estudiando) solamente lo hago por internet.

  2. Sigh, so much fun, so far away.

    • the jealousy never disappears, huh? how i wish the USA was much more lenient and laid back on motorsports and modified cars.

  3. the white 4door looks like a Datsun Laurel c31

    • yea it does. thanks

  4. the 4 door is a carina at70?

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