Posted by: Isidro | April 18, 2010

Le Beau Laurel Blanc

The title is French for “the beautiful white Laurel”… but I’m not sure if I set up the words in the right order, haven’t written/read any french for almost 3 years.

The aero shows signs of drift experience. Looks good anyway. Found it in the ’07 MSC Rd 4 gallery.



  1. badass brah! i wanna see more a31 and c33 up on here

    • haha yea i noticed there are too many JZX100s. im moving to a new apartment this week… so u have to wait a bit for those posts. I also said earlier that i was going to post something about the blue JZX100 Chaser u went crazy over lol. Thats next in line.

  2. mean! cant wait….

  3. Did anybody notice how flat that car is even though its sideways? 0 bodyroll

    • ur right!!

  4. Man I realise every time I come to your blog that I really want to own a 4 door vehicle. a 100 would be so nice πŸ™‚

    • im glad you feel that way. its the feeling i try to share. Hopefully you’ll find a way to get a jzx or other jdm 4-door over here. Cody Surman is the lucky SOB who has the only JZX100 in this country, and there are 2 JZX90s too. I know that after college ill have some sort of JDM 4-door. Good luck and wish me luck.

  5. Consider Luck wished sir.
    The quest for big four door machines commences!
    JZX100 or similar for sure.

    • excitement sparked. please inform me of your search/progress once in a while.

  6. Le beau Laurel blanc is more right!

    Cool pic of a cool car!

    • thanks for that!

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