Posted by: Isidro | April 22, 2010

Fun: RC Drifting

I’m moving to a new apartment this week and don’t think I’ll have time to post often. So just browse through my blogroll if you get bored or something. I probably won’t have internet after Monday for a few days.

I leave you with 8 minutes of good and creative entertainment that will bring out the inner child in you. Good thing MJ isn’t around anymore to molest you 😉

Everything about that video is cool, but i muted it and played my own music lol.



  1. Hahaha, I have this video saved as a favourite. They look incredible and so much fun! I want the takata AE86 with what seems to be TE37’s!

    • i want them all! im surprised there aren’t any 4-doors there, usually those are common in RC drifting

  2. omg this video is sooo sick! im gonna have to steal it and you should post it on the spot! i dont know how u find all these videos

    • i don’t know how i find them either lol

      • Spending hours on youtube. I’ve hit the favouriting limit of 650 videos!

  3. Siempre posteas los mejor videos tio!!!

    • gracias. ellos vienen a mi.

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