Posted by: Isidro | May 1, 2010

Blue Star: That JZX100 Chaser

I previously promised a post about this erotic JZX100 Chaser because I thought I’d be able to actually write something about it. Unfortunately I overestimated the contents of the owner’s blog. He doesn’t have many pictures of his car or technical information, so I don’t have much to relay to you.

As a mild warning, there are more and better pictures of this car in these past posts and the link at the end of the last post (1 2 3).

I think I’ll post about that red Chaser next. I’ve found more pictures of it than the blue one.

Looking good

The oversized everything matches the car pretty well.

I’m debating against myself about the taillight choice. It clear tails work well with the blacked top and chrome wheels, but would the car look better if the lights were stock?

Somebody couldn’t hold it in.

There’s that yellow M&Ms guy’s Chaser.

Visit the blue car’s blog here



  1. fuckn awesome, 10/10 all rounder, wheres the engine photos?

    • i didn’t find any 😦

  2. The aero on that blue Chaser is so aggresive. I’m digging it. If I can afford the upper brand wheel companies wheels I too wish to have polished wheels.

  3. he is now my jzx100 idol lol

    • lol get a jzx100 chaser and build it the same way

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