Posted by: Isidro | May 4, 2010

Four Door R33: Colorized

These cars are usually ugly in the rear section, but this one isn’t… even though its not “the sex”. I’d buy it if I could. These pictures show the paint changes of the car in reverse order (white to red and some green in between).

Here’s how it is now. This can easily be transformed into something similar to the Spirant JZX100.

It looked good like this too.

I used to play in puddles when I was younger.

A nice “JDM picture”.

This is kinda cool but would be better if it was on a touge or street.

Its original color.

Having fun.

I’m not feeling the black hole. Otherwise it looks good.

I’m not sure why the owner would have painted it.

You can find a lot more pictures here.



  1. very hard to make them look good, but bn kits look good on them

    where the cefiro’s at yo

    • lol be patient. send me some pictures of your cefiro as a pm on the zerofighter forum.

  2. second photo looks cool

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