Posted by: Isidro | May 5, 2010

Cars Of MSC: 2007 Rnd 10

I just felt like sharing these pictures from the 2007 round 10 MSC event.

My Chemistry professor is letting me re-do most of the homework assignments before next Wednesday and I really need to take advantage of that… that means I’ll be busy again and won’t post every day. I also have to start reviewing everything for the final exams I’ll have next week. I’m just glad that my last day of classes is next Wednesday.

Look at these pictures. I command you.

This is a sexy color for a big daily driver, especially if it was in big cities.


One of the A-Bo-Moon R32s.

Another 4-door R32, but not one of the A-Bo-Moon team members.

When I saw this Nissan Cedric Toyota Crown, the first thing that came to mind was a grizzly bear.

This one is for kmkazi. You should really think about getting another Cefiro and making it look like this, just to keep your garage balanced like a ying-yang.

I like this super light yellow paint.

Beautiful Soarer.

Lovely ER34.

One of those Motorfix Corollas sporting some of the world’s most sensual rust.

Simplicity has never looked so good.

This Cefiro is hot like Big Red .

Three more blue R32s. They don’t seem to be neither of the other two posted above, and I don’t think they’re A-Bo-Moon members.



  1. a-bo-moon rock!

    what model is the cedric? y32 or y33, cant tell but looks funky as

    and once again cefiro love ❤

  2. 1st off, good luck with the schooling! I never had the courage or determination to handle any of that BS.

    2nd you post the nastiest pix!

    3rd Get ready for June 19th soN! NHMS all the wayyyy. Im planning to have the rolla ready by then. You’ll WILL be getting a ride, if it runs good enough to drift.. lol

    • 1- thanks a lot! I’m actually a lot happier now that I got one of my Calculus II exams back (got a C+, better than I thought), and because my physics lab instructor told me he’ll give me a B instead of a C- because I’m a good student lol.
      2- thanks!
      3- i cannot wait! I’ll be taking pictures of everyone drifting and will later do some features on a few cars.

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