Posted by: Isidro | May 12, 2010

The Big Apple: Red R33

I think I saw this car on someone’s blog before, but I don’t remember where. Or maybe it was a remarkably similar R33.

All R33 models are eligible for legal importation to the USA. The only downfall is all the importing taxes and bonds you’d have to pay, eventually adding up to a freaking fortune which would rape your pockets and bank account. Play the lottery like a pimp.



  1. boom! finally a sweet looking r33 sedan, thank you sir

    • you’re welcome. you know its not easy to find one like that.

  2. its not easy to find a good looking 33 sedan either lol

  3. i agree, i rarely like r33’s (god gambler ones are awesome though) but this one is rad. needs a different front bumper though.

    • yea the GTR bumper doesn’t fit well with the sideskirts

  4. ..R32 Taka had something like this similar posted (?)
    I think it looks fantastic. Again, another four-door car I would love to own and push around. So cool when done properly.

    • ah yes, thats where I saw it before.

  5. Ultimate sedan.

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