If you don’t already know, I absolutely love RWD 4-doors.

I created this blog just to keep myself busy sometimes, as a place to dump all the stuff I find on the internet, and as an excuse to take a break from homework 😉

Here you will find posts about anything, but mostly about cars and drifting.

The reason why I named this blog “Bettas Marvelous” is because I love Siamese Fighting Fish (Bettas). When fighting, the Bettas seem just like Race Car drivers who are really focused on victory and show fabulous aggression and surprising moves without ever backing down. In my opinion, that’s what real racing is all about.

Blog will be updated whenever.



  1. would like to add your blog to my blogroll if you agree? monkeymagic86.wordpress.com
    you might do the same if you want

    • sure, no problem.. and i kinda already had yours on my super blogroll

    • It’s like a giant circle! Ive been reading both these blogs!

  2. put us in your blog too 😉

    • I thought I had your blog on my blogroll already
      its how I found out about the rotary 180sx and the pictures of the black Cefiro

  3. whats your email?

  4. lol so i can send you an email

    • lol oh ok.. ill send it to u

  5. Hey can you please email me, i need to ask you a question. thanks.


  6. great blog, man! Where are you from ?

    • I’m from the Dominican Republic but I’m living in Massachusetts, USA

      • oh! cool 🙂 “take five” from Russia 🙂

        check out my blog, we love japanese cars too.
        I have toyota altezza and half year ago i bought jzx100 chaser for my drift project.

  7. Haha I have always loved the beauty of Betta’s. I thought I was alone in my manly liking of these artful creatures.

    • nope, ur not alone. bettas are awesome and super fierce. if you pay attention to how they act, you’ll notice that they’re smarter than most people think.

      • Most people think fish are stupid creatures, when the opposite is true. I would love the opportunity to take care of some fish. Such amazing creatures.

        • you can take care of a Betta! they’re easy to take care of. They don’t really need a lot of space (ex: 1 betta in a 1 gallon or 2 gallon tank is fine). You just have to feed it regularly and clean the tank every 1 or 2 weeks. I’ll post something about that next week.. so wait until that post, then go out and buy a Betta.

          • Awesome! thats perfect man. i cant wait. post some pics of your betta!

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