Posted by: Isidro | May 11, 2010

Random JDM: Ultramania

When I was about 5 years old I used to enjoy watching English reruns of old Japanese T.V. shows and movies like Godzilla and Ultraman, and a couple others that I don’t remember the names of. They were on one of those non-cartoon channels where the early James Bond movies lived. I remember they were only aired a few times per month, and since I didn’t have much important stuff to do at that time I’d usually catch them. Whenever somebody at home was surfing through the channels I’d keep my eyes peeled for any glimpses of these classic shows. When the shows were on tv I always had feelings of interest and awe which kept me glued to the brown 25-inch television set we had back then.

Of course things change over time, and unfortunately one of those things is cable tv. I wish I could still watch those movies and series episodes on tv right now. They would bring lots of early childhood memories and thoughts, and renew inspirations of some sort. I guess I can probably find them online somewhere.

Japanese car and a Japanese superhero.

I’m glad I found this picture. It sums up what my passions/obsessions would be right now if Ultraman was still aired every now and then, and if it was aired while I was growing up. It also revived an old spark in me just in time, as tomorrow is my last day of school and I’ll have some time to find videos of this long-lost interest.

I re-found this…

Its a sort of old Korean band called Seo Taiji. One of their hit songs is Ultramania (title of post) which debuted in 2000 or 2002. The picture reminded me of this song because I listened to it back in 2007 when one of my friends played it in a computer lab at school, and then listened to it some more later on. Although I don’t understand the words that are coming out of their mouths, I like the way the song sounds. I’m a fan of Korean and Japanese pop & rock, but haven’t listened to any of it in a while.

Seems like its time for me to bring back my past interests.

Posted by: Isidro | May 11, 2010

Progress: Hundred Mark Two

This is just a typical video of somebody’s runs of the day. He starts off by warming up the car and tires, doesn’t do so well on his first run, gets better throughout the day… well, just watch.

Of course, all that matters is that the car looks and sounds good but practice makes perfect.

Posted by: Isidro | May 10, 2010

El Mismo Nismo: ER34

“El mismo” means “the same” in Spanish.

Nismo-styled ER34, and a cool white one.

Posted by: Isidro | May 9, 2010

Sexy Maid: SuperMade Mark II

The title sounds like that of a porn video… because this is porn.

Don’t tell me you didn’t fap.

Posted by: Isidro | May 8, 2010

When Everything Was Black And White

I found these 5 old drift videos today. Its the same cars in every video, but at different places. Stuff like this makes you think about the past you never had. Enjoy.

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Posted by: Isidro | May 6, 2010

Collaboration: FR Sedan

Earlier this week Mr. M from FR Sedan asked me if I’d like to contribute some posts to his blog. As the 4-door freak that I am, I couldn’t say no! I won’t stray away from this blog, so don’t worry about that, and I will not post the same thing on both blogs (maybe different things from the same source) unless its something epic or miraculous. This doesn’t mean that one blog is going to be better/cooler than the other, its just to keep variety amongst the few 4-door blogs out there.

Don’t forget to add FR Sedan to your blogroll if you haven’t already!

Posted by: Isidro | May 5, 2010

Cars Of MSC: 2007 Rnd 10

I just felt like sharing these pictures from the 2007 round 10 MSC event.

My Chemistry professor is letting me re-do most of the homework assignments before next Wednesday and I really need to take advantage of that… that means I’ll be busy again and won’t post every day. I also have to start reviewing everything for the final exams I’ll have next week. I’m just glad that my last day of classes is next Wednesday.

Look at these pictures. I command you.

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Posted by: Isidro | May 4, 2010

Four Door R33: Colorized

These cars are usually ugly in the rear section, but this one isn’t… even though its not “the sex”. I’d buy it if I could. These pictures show the paint changes of the car in reverse order (white to red and some green in between).

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Posted by: Isidro | May 3, 2010

Video: 2010 Spring Drift Matsuri

Spend 9 minutes in Japan. Its unedited, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t see the much-anticipated action. I got annoyed by seeing that yellow missile 180sx spin out so many times and ruin the following cars’ runs. Check Saito’s entry at 7:53.

Posted by: Isidro | May 1, 2010

Blue Star: That JZX100 Chaser

I previously promised a post about this erotic JZX100 Chaser because I thought I’d be able to actually write something about it. Unfortunately I overestimated the contents of the owner’s blog. He doesn’t have many pictures of his car or technical information, so I don’t have much to relay to you.

As a mild warning, there are more and better pictures of this car in these past posts and the link at the end of the last post (1 2 3).

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