wtf is a Betta?

read here

I’ve had bettas since I was about 12 years old and have 2 of them right now. Its one of those things that gets addicting after a while.

I think everyone should have a betta. 🙂


  1. Like the blog setup Isidro… keep up with it and update to your section on the site…

    • thanks Pat!

  2. looking good, Get some vids of them betta fighting

  3. Me encanta tu blog! I love your blog! I gonna keep you in my favorites!

    • gracias hermano

  4. Where are you based? And why your are talking spanish!!!

    • hahaha eso es porque soy dominicano.. y estoy cerca de boston
      y tu? en puerto rico?

  5. No, soy espanol. Vivo en Uk. En Londres exactamente. Gracias por tu Blogroll!!!

    • de nada

  6. They are beautiful, but always kill each other.

    • yup. ur not supposed to put them together!! unless theyr in like a 100gallon tank and have a bunch of hiding spots… or if theyr conditioned to mate (you’d have to separate them right after mating too).

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