Posted by: Isidro | May 17, 2010

Old Days: Zenki Mark II

I like the “uglier” x100 Mark IIs just as much as I like the Kouki versions. I can use my imagination to make them into super machines. Its not that hard, the front ends are the same as the later model and the rear isn’t so different. Here’s a stock zenki Mark II… and something else.

It doesn’t look that bad, maybe its the roof wing and window tint. Or maybe its just the 2-tone paint blending with the sand.

Monitoring crops. If its high enough for it, why not? lol

Here’s what I was talking about in the top lines. Zenki transformed into a loud sexy sideways smoke machine. Looking good.

And here are some more funnies…

Part 2 is the funniest.



  1. I like the First and Second pictures. Looks like it should be in a family photo album.

  2. You just need suspension modification to drop car, aero kit like Vertex or BN sport and good wide wheels. And 4door sedane become real sex machine

    • i would definitely do that, but thats not my car

      • i know that it not your`s 🙂

        i mean that jzx100 chasis need`s not too much time to become sex machine 🙂

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